Paula Patton | Internet Grills Mission Impossible Actress Her Fried Chiken Recipe

Popular American Actress and producer Paula Patton, who is best known for the 4th instalment of Mission Ipossible Movie

Is Being grilled over social media for her 'Fried Chicken' recipe. The reason behind this mocking is that Paula Patton Made all the novice mistakes one should avoid

The video was posted on her official Instagram page on March 5, Where she can be seen making dish Fried Chicken recipes with organic 

All-Purpose flour, hot sauce, avocado oil and spices like paprika, black papper, etc.

Apparently, the noted American actress took to her social media handle to show off her cooking skills.

She was making this Fiery Chicken for her son's school and as per various users, the dish lacked in seasoning.

While seasonings are not the only thing that made this video viral